In my body of work, I deal with questions of identity, living space, commemoration and memory through different mediums.
My point of view is that of a passerby, a guest, a stranger.
I create from autobiographical experiences that are transformed into the public sphere.
I attempt to create spaces, playgrounds of colors and ideas which liberate the viewer, allowing for an intimate and personal encounter. To create these experiences I use architecture, photography, composition, mapping movement, lighting, and color. With the use strange and kinky materials, I blur the boundaries of what is acceptable.

Born, 1987 in the USSR
Lives and works in Tel Aviv
Phone Number: +(972) 526868284
mail: g.shmerlin@gmail.com


2014     BFA, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.
2014     Cooper Union, exchange semester, New York, US.


2017 Dream Team, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel.


2017 Cherries, HaMidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv. (Group)
2016 MP Studio,Tel Aviv-Yaffo. (Solo)
2016 Oscillations, HaMidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator Boaz Arad. (Solo)
2016 Demonstration, Aza 13 Gallery, Tel-Aviv- Yaffo. (Group)
2015 The Office, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. (Site- Specific- Permanent)
2015 Lounge,  Petach Tikva Museum 10 Year Exhibition, Petach Tikva. (Site Specific, Opening Night)
2014 Blue Room, Graduate Exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. Curator Avi Sabah. (Solo)
2013 Hit And Run: Exchange And Mobility Program Exhibition, Cooper Union, New York. (Group)


Haaretz, April 28, 2017, ורוחו מרחפת מעל, By Uzi Tzur.
Erev Rav, September 19, 2017, דובדבנים ומכונות אחרות, David Frankel.