Oscillation, Hamidrasha Gallery

Solo show, HaMidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Boaz Arad.
The installation invites interaction in the space. Using color, light and sculptural divides in order to allow the viewer a certain movement in the space.
The viewer travels through the different atmospheres and frequencies.

Hapoel Kim Kardashian, 2016, Wood, paint, and glitter, 240/120 cm
Gone Surfing, 2016, Wood, paint, glitter, LED lights 240/450 cm
Sunflower, 2016, Readymade sunflower, wood, lamp, stone, coffee mug, a speaker with Alex Neurus 1987-2016 voice over.
Welcome to my Vigina, 2013, loop, Single Channel Video. The video depicts a set build out from wood, and light reflection, made from a stainless steel sheet and fluorescent light.
The sound is custom made for this work.
Dog by Yael Ben David, Oil painting, 120/90 cm.