Blue room Bezalel Graduation Show

Blue room graduate show curated by Avi Sabah in 2014.
In my final project, I attempt to create a space of amazement based on the idea of a lounge
a space that builds an occurrence and observation. The space lingers in the moment before the beginning of a dance or a moment after, maintaining the absence of an experience.
In the corner of the space, a light reveals another white space. The white room contains a sculptural system and video. The room functions as a simulated internal machine room.
The work included a structural change of the room and redistribution of the space, lowering the ceiling to a maximum height of 2.05 meters. Laid out on the floor a fluffy blue carpet from wall to wall, a light projection,  pink fluorescent, dance pole, photography, metal, and concrete.

Dancing with a Lady, Single channel video, loop.